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General Forum > Looking for.... > "SLICKS ARE FOR KIDS" (Go To Message)
Bright -- Tennessee
"SLICKS ARE FOR KIDS"January 13, 2013 @ 4:42pm
from:Gene Grayson <graysonxyz@gmail.com> via chicago.webbedempire.com

Gene Grayson via chicago.webbedempire.com

Greetings to all PhuBai Hawks...am hoping to find a photo of the "SLICKS ARE FOR KIDS" painted on one of the maintenance buildings. That "sign" was appropriate and could be seen for miles....even Wild Turkey thought it was neat
General Forum > Chit Chat > 1st Sgt (Go To Message)
1st SgtMarch 20, 2012 @ 1:55am
Does anyone know the name of the 1st Sgt that went home in March of 69. I think it was March.
General Forum > Looking for.... > Fred Norris (Go To Message)
looking forOctober 15, 2010 @ 12:38am
I am looking for a few of the Hawks I served with in late 1970 thru late 1971 into early 1972. I would like to locate Ron Dickerson from Chicago, John Barnaby from the Rome NY. area and Mike Cadena from L.A. Calif. If anybody out there has any info. I would really appreciate it. feeling pretty fortuate I stumbled onto this site after all these years.
General Forum > Chit Chat > D101Hawks in 1968 (Go To Message)
Bright -- Tennessee
Snowbird Reunion 2010March 15, 2010 @ 1:33am
To all D co. Hawks,
I attended the Snowbird reunion in Orlando. There was only 4 Hawks that made it. I have been to several reunion since 2002 and have looked for someone that I served with in the Army. I have reunited with a few and hope many more in the future!!! The reunions brings joy that I would have missed if I had stayed home. They have help me to come to peace and to understand why I act the way I do. I could never put into words the way I felt when I reunited with Fred Norris, my gunner on #068,after 40 years. The same goes for Tom McGill, Bill Aldridge, and Dan Inez. We were together in D co, at the same time. I will never forget when Paul Walker,Gary Riley, Bill Spiller, and Joe Puller saw each other for the first in 40 years. That made up for all the times I went to reunions and didn't make contact with someone from my units. At the Snowbird 2010 I reunited with Gary Nelson, I say that because, he had pictures of my buddies and I his, we had to have known each other but we are lost in our memories of 41 years ago. I urge anyone that should happen to read this to try to make the next reunion if at all possible!!!! Don't worry if you will fit in, just come and experience what you have been missing. You will fit. No problem GI. The VHCMA will have a reunion in Atlanta, Ga. 3rd week in June and 101st Assoc. in Aug. in Indy. You can find information at the websites: www.vhcma.org and www.screamingeagle.org I am going to try my best to make both and hope to see you there!!!! If you want to talk with me, check with Ray Pitts he can give you my contact info.
Ben H. Bright - Tennessee
General Forum > Chit Chat > Iraq/Afghanistan (Go To Message)
Iraq/AfghanistanOctober 23, 2009 @ 10:35am
I had the pleasure of supporting the regiment that D 101 involved into. I supported them at LSA Anaconda Balad Iraq, 2005-2006, and 207-208 at Bagram Afghanistan, I also saw some of the personnel while in Arifjan Kuait while i was waiting to come home. I was there as a civilian contractor with L3 Vertex. The 101st Avn were a fine group to work with.
We supported H60 and AH64 different from the Cobras. We also supported the 159 Avn CH47.
General Forum > Looking for.... > John Quintinella (Go To Message)
John QuintinellaAugust 31, 2008 @ 4:05pm
remember him?
General Forum > Chit Chat > Photos (Go To Message)
PhotosAugust 7, 2007 @ 6:45pm
I have a few photos from Viet Nam, I was there in 1969, can't remember if I started at the end of '68, but left in '70, extended to get my 5 month early out. I replaced Scofield (from Arizona) as maintenance clerk after a while. Also did a lot of runs to Camp Eagle to pick up pallets of beer for our new club that was built next to the hooches. I was surpised to find this site, but very pleased. Thanks to all you guys. I have a bunch of photos that I'll need to scan and post here. Have no way to post the pictures, not authorized I guess.
General Forum > Looking for.... > Dick Smith Hawk 5 (Go To Message)
Eugene Grayson
Dick Smith Hawk 5July 26, 2007 @ 2:22am
Looking for Richard (Dick) Smith, Company XO, June 69-Dec 69. May have taken over the Company when Ron Cowden was relieved in early 70.
Gene Grayson
Hawk 6 May-Dec 69
General Forum > Looking for.... > What happend to Col Perry? (Go To Message)
Eugene Grayson
Ron PerryJuly 26, 2007 @ 2:19am
I replaced Ron as Commander of the Hawks. I believe he returned to Ft Stewart and was the AH-1 School Commander. I will do some homework and see if I can track him down,
Gene Grayson, Former Hawk 6
General Forum > Chit Chat > Gordon Dalrymple (Go To Message)
Ray Pitts
Gordon DalrympleJune 21, 2007 @ 1:47pm
I recently received a email from Craig Dalrymple and he told me that his father Gordon Dalrymple,"delta101hawk"
had passed away in May of 2005. I will share part of that email with the other Hawks. This is what Craig had to say.

In 2003 dad was diagnosed with liver cancer. The early diagnosis was bad, but not quite terminal up front. That quickly changed as the cancer was actually in his pancrease as well as the liver, and also wrapped around a major vein (artery) on that side of the abdomen. So it was inoperable. Dad went through the full run of multiple versions of chemo and in the end he lost the fight. On the positive side, he was given less than a year and went for a full two - in most of which he was able to get around and interact even with his grandchildren (he has five, the oldest was 8 when dad passed away).
So while it was horrible to watch the cancer wither him away, all of his grandchildren have memories of their 'papa' and he died well, as depressing as it is to say that.

Dad died on the last day of May in 2005, and we had the normal run of services. He is buried in the National Cemetery in Battle Creek, MI and was lain to rest in military fashion. It was a good service. All in all, I think dad had a good life. By the time us kids got out of the house and started down our own path, my parents were doing well enough for my father to enjoy some of the good things in life. He had an awesome motorcycle, gun collection, fully functional workshop, and a good job. I'm not putting a loving family and solid friends in that list because they are on a list of their own. Either way, dad's life was good, just too short.

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