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Gordon Dalrymple
Started June 21, 2007 @ 1:47pm by Ray Pitts
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Ray Pitts

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Gordon DalrympleJune 21, 2007 @ 1:47pm
I recently received a email from Craig Dalrymple and he told me that his father Gordon Dalrymple,"delta101hawk"
had passed away in May of 2005. I will share part of that email with the other Hawks. This is what Craig had to say.

In 2003 dad was diagnosed with liver cancer. The early diagnosis was bad, but not quite terminal up front. That quickly changed as the cancer was actually in his pancrease as well as the liver, and also wrapped around a major vein (artery) on that side of the abdomen. So it was inoperable. Dad went through the full run of multiple versions of chemo and in the end he lost the fight. On the positive side, he was given less than a year and went for a full two - in most of which he was able to get around and interact even with his grandchildren (he has five, the oldest was 8 when dad passed away).
So while it was horrible to watch the cancer wither him away, all of his grandchildren have memories of their 'papa' and he died well, as depressing as it is to say that.

Dad died on the last day of May in 2005, and we had the normal run of services. He is buried in the National Cemetery in Battle Creek, MI and was lain to rest in military fashion. It was a good service. All in all, I think dad had a good life. By the time us kids got out of the house and started down our own path, my parents were doing well enough for my father to enjoy some of the good things in life. He had an awesome motorcycle, gun collection, fully functional workshop, and a good job. I'm not putting a loving family and solid friends in that list because they are on a list of their own. Either way, dad's life was good, just too short.

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