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D101Hawks in 1968
Started August 15, 2005 @ 12:19am by Guest
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D101Hawks in 1968August 15, 2005 @ 12:19am
When I was assigned to D Co. it already had two C model gunship platoons. They sent me and some others to LZ Sally to bring the helicopters to make the 3rd platoon at Camp Eagle. Sgt. Cotton assigned me to a crewchief slot. Fred Norris( freakout Freddie) was my gunner. He had been with a slick unit.

We had three missions: one was combat assaults, a second was with Special forces, and the third was sniffer mission( escort ship with radar that took body temperatures). Rotated these missions between the three platoons each day. My ship #068 was the only one flying for our platoon,so I flew alot with the other platoons.

I will never forget my first mission,Special Forces, was also the first time to shoot a m-60 out the door of a helicopter. Mr. Wollard (AC) told me to pick out a wave(Ocean). My gunner was on R&R ,the guy that had signed on with us had 14 days left in country. When we got to Mai Loc, the gunner asked me how many missions I had been on,I said "This is my first". He got big eyed!! We made it alright. We went back several times before he went home.

I'm not sure how long it was til we moved to Phu Bai. We were at Phu Bai a good while til we got the Cobras. I crewed a Cobra for a while. I went to Da Nang and packed -up the C model Gunships.

I came home in March of 1969. I've got a lot of slides (all I took) if I can get them scanned I will share them. I believe Tom McGill was there with me. Another crewchief was last name Shields from Ciscero,Ill. I hope this helped. I hope to make some contacts.
Thanks, Ben H. Bright from Tennessee.

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Bright -- Tennessee

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Snowbird Reunion 2010March 15, 2010 @ 1:33am
To all D co. Hawks,
I attended the Snowbird reunion in Orlando. There was only 4 Hawks that made it. I have been to several reunion since 2002 and have looked for someone that I served with in the Army. I have reunited with a few and hope many more in the future!!! The reunions brings joy that I would have missed if I had stayed home. They have help me to come to peace and to understand why I act the way I do. I could never put into words the way I felt when I reunited with Fred Norris, my gunner on #068,after 40 years. The same goes for Tom McGill, Bill Aldridge, and Dan Inez. We were together in D co, at the same time. I will never forget when Paul Walker,Gary Riley, Bill Spiller, and Joe Puller saw each other for the first in 40 years. That made up for all the times I went to reunions and didn't make contact with someone from my units. At the Snowbird 2010 I reunited with Gary Nelson, I say that because, he had pictures of my buddies and I his, we had to have known each other but we are lost in our memories of 41 years ago. I urge anyone that should happen to read this to try to make the next reunion if at all possible!!!! Don't worry if you will fit in, just come and experience what you have been missing. You will fit. No problem GI. The VHCMA will have a reunion in Atlanta, Ga. 3rd week in June and 101st Assoc. in Aug. in Indy. You can find information at the websites: www.vhcma.org and www.screamingeagle.org I am going to try my best to make both and hope to see you there!!!! If you want to talk with me, check with Ray Pitts he can give you my contact info.
Ben H. Bright - Tennessee

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