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Started May 3, 2006 @ 2:21am by admin
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Guestbook PostsMay 3, 2006 @ 2:21am
Well, spam is getting to be a major annoyance in the guestbook so it will be disabled for awhile until a solution is found to limit the amount of garbage posts. All the previous posts (newest first) are below.

Feel free to make use of this forum for any messages or greetings.

Ben I remember the rocket attack that afternoon I had just showered and was on the cot with a towel rapped around mewhen all hell broke out and had to scramble on all 4,s to the graves by our tents.I reaquainted myself with God that moment,Funny how when in trouble we ask Dad for help then afterword go about life with out him.I dont now.By the way guys I cleaned up my act 22 years ago.For those who remmber me I think I was quite a mess.Great site hope it grows.
Posted by Billykaldrich on April 9, 2006 @ 11:12am

Ray, glad to see the site up and running. Good job. Brings back a lot of fond memories. I was Hawk 33 in 70-71. Will try to find my album and send along some pictures from that period. Welcome home buddy. Maj(Ret) Terry Morris
Posted by Terry Morris on April 5, 2006 @ 10:17am

Member D Company 1969
Posted by Jim Heustess on October 29, 2005 @ 6:34pm

Noticed a post by Dan Inez I got a picture of you on the Liftmaster pad in Phu Bai
Posted by bill "henry"aldrich on October 6, 2005 @ 8:52am

Really like the new site! Great job!
Posted by RK on August 22, 2005 @ 12:41am

The site has been moved and is working again, thanks to Donna the Hawks webmaster.

Ray Pitts

Posted by Ray Pitts D101Hawks on August 17, 2005 @ 9:46am

The posts below this point are from Aug. 2003 to the present.
Posted by admin on August 15, 2005 @ 1:38am

I'm using a friends computer, contact me at PO Box 1406 New Port Richey, FL 34656
April 69-May 70' Tom Beukelaer

Sure was glad to here from Ray. I was assigned D Co. I remember going to get C model gunships at LZ Sally, we had just brought the C gunships to Camp Eagle and was cooking steaks when "Charlie" started walking rockets through Camp Eagle. We hit the graves to take cover. If anyone remembers this, reads this, or served with me I sure would like to hear from them. There is a VHCMA reunion in San Antonia, Tx.,June 22-26. Check www.vhcma.com for details.
Hope to connect. Ben H. Bright - Tennessee

Thanks to Bob for finding my posted message from 98 and letting me know about this site. I was there from July, 69- July 70, at Liftmaster Pad and at the big airport. Was in maintenance the whole time. Remember alot of good things and alot of good people. Thanks Ray for your work on this site. Be talking to all of you soon.
Bobby Meadows

Was one of the original members of the Hawks when it was formed in Jul 68. Was with the Hawks at Sally (3rd Plt), Eagle and Phu bai. Left D/101 in Feb 69 and went to A/101 because I wasn't Cobra qualified at the time. Glad to see a website blossoming!
Posted by Joe Beach

What a great surprise to find a D/101 web page. Just happened to do a Google search for D/101 last night and this site turned up.I was assigned to D/101 Aug 1969. In fact, Gary Dombroski and I ended up at Hq 101 Avn Bde and rode down to D/101 together. Although he states in his war story that Chip Decker and he got initiated into the company at the same time, it was me and Dumbo that got the beer shower that first night at the Hawk's Nest. I started out as Hawk 35, then Hawk 36, and finally Hawk 3. Went on R&R at exactly 6 months into my tour. When I returned from R&R I had my reassignment orders on my bunk with a two month drop. I did not take many photos during my 10 months with the Hawks, but I'll dig out what I can find. I remember one of the guys up in maintenance got ahold of a little mini bike. Enjoyed riding it a couple times around the O Club. Had a beer or two down in the Mole Hole with the NCO's. Will never forget Major Ron Cowden on New Year's Day 1970 when he took over the Company from Maj Grayson. I was Commander of the Troops and standing right in front of Cowden when he finished his little speech and did the Nixon peace sign with both arms in the air. Cowden was killed in a Huey accident at Rucker, along with two Instrument students a few years after I retired. He was a civilian instrument instructor.
Posted by John Hauck

I came to D/101st in June 1968 at Camp Eagle. I was door gunner and crew chief on C model # 069 with Ron Soucha,Charlie Wink, Johnny Vinn, Bill Spiller,Joe"Mad-Dog" Puller,Roy Glen, Scott Wilson, Richard "The Fox" Lake, Doug Myers,Martin Waldermath, and Richard Brosman was in charge of armament. I cant remember the pilots names except for Nelson.
Posted by Gary Riley

joined D company with the 39th T.C. in August 1968 at Camp Eagle and moved to Phu Bai October/November 1968.Went to 158th at Evans March/April 1969.In touch with Mike Joyce,Tom McGill
Posted by Bill Aldrich

I was in D Co summer '68 to summer '69, first at Camp Eagle the Phu Bai. I worked in the engine shop with Hodgen(?) and Silbernagel(?). Visited Mcgill and Aldrich few years back. Pure accident I found website, pretty cool. My memory of that year is poor but I remember a few and have a few pics.
Best regards to all... Mike
Posted by Mike Joyce

Finally After All these years!!!!!! I was assigned to the Hawks in 1969 and left in mid 1971 after the move from lift master to the main airport nat Phu Bai. Anyone what happened to Major Grayson or Col. Perry? What Happened to Top After he was fragged??? I hope to be able to contact many of you that i have wondered about all these years so come on HAWKS we have a lot of history behind us!!!!! Contact Richard Mize at C2i2.com
Posted by vietranger

I was with Co D 101st Avn Bn at Ft. Campbell Ky. from May 1972 untill July 19, 1973. The 101st had just returned from Viet Nam and we went to Pensecola, Flordia to pick our Hueys from the ship. Had an engine vibration on the 1st test flight. Inspections and groundrunning showed nothing wrong and a 2nd and 3rd test flight ran smooth. We left for Ft. Campbell and lost the engine in Alabama at 2500 ft. and went down in a cow pasture. I think the AC was WO Boatright and pilot was WO Lalabertie. If anyone can tell me if I have the names right please let me know. Thank You
Posted by James Hutchins

Served in D Co. with Gordan Dalrymple June1969 to June 1970. Worked on Cobras and was unscheduled maintance team leader
Posted by Donald Weidlick

Good to see this site developing so nicely. I got to D/101 about the week it was formed Aug 68 and stayed the whole year of my tour. So got to fly both C-models and Cobras. And do those "fun" FOB missions. "Don't take no wooden nickels." I've got a ton of pictures that I will post when I get the boxes unpacked from moving -- lost my place on the beach from the hurricanes.
Posted by Richard Chapman

Thanks so much for the Hawks website. I was moved from A Co when hawks were formed in 68 and was the maint./test pilot. LTC Perry was the CO and Maj Shuey was XO. Cant remember much of that year except that I was with a great bunch of guys.
Posted by Rob "Howdy" Tilden

Well I do think that I was with the HAWKS, back in 68-69. Was there a painting of Snoopy the Peanuts cartoon on the front of one of the buildings near the filght line? And was the words "Slicks Are For Kids", on the roof of the same building? If so I was the one that painted them. If not, I'm at the wrong site. But, welcome home to you all.
Posted by RipleyW

I had the honor of helping hook up the widow of James Collins (one of yours) with some of your folks a few years ago. I'll pass this site on to her. I'm sure Jim's grandkids will enjoy it.
Phoenix 68-69 Pachyderm 69-70'
Posted by Richard "Dick" Jewel

Served in D Co. Hawks from Dec.1968 to Dec. 1969. Worked as periodic maint. mechanic and later squad leader for maint. crew
Posted by Gordon Dalrymple

Looking for AL FISCHER or anyone who knows him. Helicopter pilot for Co B, 101st AVN BN, 101st ABN DIV, Vietnam, Lam Son 719 (20Mar71). Jack Middleton, former USAF Supply Sgt., is trying to find him.If any information, please contact:
3710 Mesa Ridge Rd.
Houston, TX 77043

Just wanted to say hello, great site. You guys were right next to us at Phu Bai, I was a doorgunner with C co. (Blackwidows) Oct70 to Oct71. It was always great to have the Hawks along on CCN and Laos trips. My M-60 could not compare to what you guys had on those Cobra's.LOL thanks, good luck everyone and it is still nice to be back in the world.
Door gunner, Blackwidows in 70 and 71
Steve Olson

I was assigned to D company 101 A.H. BN. in October '68; assigned to P.F.C. in September '69 Great site, Thanks Ray
Posted by Bob Sorg

Was Blackhawk 21 with D Troop 2/1 Cav. out of Phan Thiet from April through September. The unit returned state side and I landed at Phu Bai with the Hawks. Good luck with the sight. I'm looking forward to seeing some names I recognize.
Hawk 38 Oct 70-Apr 71
Posted by Jack Hauck

Served with Gary Dombroski on the AH-64 program in the 80's. Don't remember that he was a Hawk in RVN at that same time that I was at Eagle. Probably too many margaritas since then!
1969-1970 ATRP 2/17th CAV 101ABN (AM) Canp Evans Camp Eagle Quang Tri
Posted by Mike Talton

Glad to see that the HAWKS have finally gotten their own website. Hoping some of the guys from the old armament shop will get ahold of me. Maybe try to get some kind of reunion going.
Posted by John Lloyd

Thanks Ray - Great job. Glad to see someone with the talent and know how put this site together. 1969 - A/101, Comanchero 20 1971 - D/101, Hawk 12
Posted by Jim Vick

Glad to see the "Hawks" up with a site. Always felt a relationship with D/Co, as our gun companys (A.B & C) were combined in 1968 to form D/Co. There was always that "Comfort Level" when one of the Snakes with the yellow diamond would tuck in next to us giving gun cover during a "Hot" insertion or extraction. You guys were the "Greatest"!
Mike Grisey Kingsmen, B/CO, 101st Avn Bn, 68-69, crewchief
Posted by Mike Grisey

Good luck with the site, Welcome Home.
570th T.C. Detachment supporting F Troop 8th Cavalry <a href>="http://www.blueghosts.com/">Blue Ghosts</a>
Posted by Burkie

The HAWKS were the best freinds a slick company could have! I loved having you along. Especially on CCN, Operation Lam Son, and many other hair raising missions.One of my best memories was a time we were defoliateing in the A Shaw valley and we found dinks in the open. We popped some red smokes, backed off and watched two of you guys expend all of your ordnance. It was an awsome sight. Made me proud and glad to be on the American side! Good luck with your site, I will visit often! Ron Comanchero Crew Chief 1970-1971
Posted by Ron Kuhn

I have long wondered when there was going to be a web site for "D" Co. Thanks Ray, you are doing a great job putting this together. If I can help, let me know. Still wish I could remember all the guys names. I remember that I saw a brief history about "D" company in Viet Nam. If I find it, I'll forward it to you. Two years after I left Viet Nam, I joined the reserves and was a crewchief on a "mike" model gun ship. Finally retired in 1994. Always proud of being in the 101st."D" Company 101st Avn Bn. December 1968 - June 30, 1969
Posted by Dan Inez

With Phoenix in Camp Evans until their standdown. Joined D/101 as XO until it stood down as well.
Ken Morrow Hawk 5 D/101 11/71- 2/72 C/158 Mar 71-Nov 71
Posted by Ken Morrow

Great site. Keep up the good work. I will contact the folks I know and spread the word about the Hawk site.
Dick Snow Hawk 16 Nov 70-Nov 71'
Posted by Dick Snow

I went from D.co.1/501 Inf. to D Co.101avn Oct.68 to Mar 69. I was in 1st plt when we had C models. I was a guner on the 40mm. ship. I went on extention leave DEC. of 68 and when I got back we had cobras. My ship 525 the meanest angle when we were the black angle gunship co.
Posted by Kiom Patrick Kansas City , MO

Good luck with the site!
D/101 Aug 69 to Aug 70 (HAWK 21)
Posted by Gary Dombroski

I have so many different memories that I don't know where to start. From the first time I got a ride in a snake, to how much water there was during the monsoon. Mostly good,tho. Good luck with the site. I'll be checking in often to see who is here.
Jon Spencer
D/101 April 71 to Jan 72

I don't usually open e-mail from people I don't know, however you used the magic words so you win a hundred kudos. I was career military long before Vietnam. My story is a long one and I don't really have the time right now. I'll add more later.
Warmest Thoughts to a fellow Hawk
Neil Jocsing C/101 "Blackwidows", A Btry 4/77 Arty "Dragons", D/101 "Hawk 16

Posted by Neil Jocsing

Congratulations, Ray, on the start of the web site. I'm sure it will result in bringing back lots of memories for you and many others. Our common thread stems from your current location on that remote rock in the Northern Pacific. I will always be grateful for all you have done to rekindle my memories of Shemya. Wishing you all the best for your future & the success of the web site.
Posted by Jack Duca Alexandria Bay, NY


Posted by John Conway

Your site is off and running... It will grow and grow...I wish you nothing but the best!!!! Congrats on taking on such a project!!! I will be checking in from time to time to watch your progress and see you grow.. Take care & God Bless... Barbara Anne casperfinder@casperplatoon. com
Posted by Barbara Anne

Ray... Good luck with your website. I enjoyed my visit and it looks like you are off to a good start!

Ned Costa Crew Chief - Casper 721
LZ English, 7/68 - 7/69
Posted by Ned Costa on

Congratulations on your "Hawks" web site launching from all your brothers at A/101 Avn. You guys provided many hours of gun support for our slicks in I Corp and across the fence as well. I will never forget the calming effect it had on me to have a Hawk gun ship on each side our slick during a hot CA prepping the LZ on our way in. Thank you all for the years of support and Welcome Home. I am looking forward to your web sites growth as you document the Hawks legacy here. If there is anything I can do to help you, just let me know.

Richard A. Bittle - COMANCHERO
Ephrata, Washington - The Columbia Basin A/101 AVN http://www.a101avn.org
Proud member of Co. A (Aslt Hel) 101st AVN, 101st Airborne Division
RVN 70-71, DG/CE UH-1H#67-17261
Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association # L-237
101st Airborne Division Association #18474
Special Operations Association # 1751-GA

Posted by Richard A. Bittle

Was assigned to D/101 from June 71 to Feb 72. In Feb 72, we stood down for redeployment to Fort Campbell. Not alot of heavy action during that time, but some interesting missions in support of CCN in Laos and flying around the Rockpile and DMZ. Khe Shan was also interesting for a couple days in Dec 71. Couple D/3-5 Cav aircraft went down there with casualties. I didn't go back with the unit, but went to Germany instead. The 101st Avn Bn eventually became 5-158 Avn Regiment and is currently a combat assault unit in the 101st Airborne Divsion (Air Assault) with UH-60 aircraft. Currently assigned to Iraq
Posted by Tom Foulk, Hawk 46

Aug 2003
Just wanted to be the first to wish you good luck in this endeavor.
Blue Ghost 16 1968-69


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