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2009 Reunion

September17, 2009:  Hawk Ben Bright of 68-69 and Hawk Don Weidlick of 69-70 were the only Hawks that attended the D101Hawks 2009 Eastern Renion in Hampton, VA.  Both had a great time and said the reunion was really great.  Hawk Ben Bright also attended the Western Version of the D101Hawks 2009 Reunion that was held in Reno with the VHCMA, there was a total of 12 Hawks at that reunion.    Ben also posted some reunion pictures from Hampton , VA on the website, so be sure and look at them.
September 14, 2009:  The Eastern version of the 2009 D101Hawks Reunion is now over.  I will post on the D101Hawks website any info or picture that is sent in.

September 01, 2009:  Hawk Ben Bright from the 68-69 Hawks has suggested that the Hawks who will be in Hampton, VA next week consider bringing along any items from their time as a Hawk, such as pictures, orders, awards or decorations or other mementos that the other Hawks might like to see.  If images are available of any of the items I will be glad to post them on the D101Hawks website in the Photo Gallery.  The 2009 Eastern Reunion will be a good opportunity for those Hawks in attendance to discuss the time and place of the 2010 Reunion or Reunions if a decision is reached to have two D101Hawks Reunions.

August 04, 2009:  September 9th is coming up real soon and I hope that all Hawks who are planning on being in Hampton, VA have all their plans made including hotel and travel arrangements confirmed for the start of the Eastern Version of the 2009 D101Hawks Reunion.  The 101st will be having the 64th Annual Reunion at the same time and place and the Hawks of Company D, 101st Aviation Battalion are proud to be a part of that.  Be sure and talk to Ben Bright about the Western version that he attended in Reno, NV in June and thank him for all the initial contact work that he does so that the Hawks have a place with the various reunion groups.            Special Note:  Be sure and contact CW Jackson of the B101Kingsmen (67-68) about the 101st Snowbird reunion in Orlando, FL in February of 2010, CW is trying to get the whole Battalion together at the same time and place. His email address is cw_209@yahoo.com and phone number 850-960-2686.

July 13, 2009:  Less than two months to go before the Eastern version of the 2009 D101Hawks Reunion in Hampton, Virginia with the 101st Association and their 64th Annual Reunion during September 9-13.  For more information please visit the 101st Association site at 
www.screamingeagle.org .
July 05, 2009:  Hawk Ben Bright has posted his pictures from the 2009 Hawk Mini-reunion that was held in Reno, NV along with the VHCMA in June, and many thanks to Ben Bright for sharing the pictures and the list of D101Hawks who were at the reunion. The following D101Hawks were present at the reunion, Joe Pullen, Ken Simonian, Bill Spiller, Ron Burns, Paul Walters, Gary Riley, Tom McGill, Hughie Slane, Fred Norris, Harold Clark, Ben H. Bright, Richard McNess.
June 29, 2009:  Hawk Ben Bright has checked in and said that the reunion was Great and that he will be working on pictures to post on the site and also come up with a list of Hawk who were able to attend the D101Hawks mini-reunion in Reno.  Thanks Ben.
June 22, 2009:  The 2009 Western version of the D101Hawks mini-reunion is now over.  Hawk Hughie Slane was there and said it was great and that he would be attending Reunions in the future and that he wanted to see more Hawks.  As more Hawks send in info I will post it here and post the reunions pictures in the Photo Gallery.  Thanks to Hughie Slane for making a Guest Book entry concerning the reunion.
June 15, 2009:  Two days and counting till the Western version of the D101Hawks mini-reunion kicks off in conjunction with the Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association in Reno.  I hope that all of the attending D101Hawks will take along their digital camera and send in lots of reunions pictures that I can post on the Hawks website.  Good luck and safe travels to everyone.
May 18, 2009:  Just a few weeks now till the D101Hawks will be having a mini-reunion along with the reunion of the Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association in Reno, Nevada during the week of June 17-20.  Be sure and check their website at www.vhcma.org for any new information or changes.  Good luck and safe travels to those Hawks who will be attending the D101Hawks 2009 Reunion.
April 19, 2009:  Hawk Bud Park from the 1969-70 time frame has sent in a email and he is planning on attending the D101Hawks mini-reunion in Hampton, VA during Sept 9-13 that is being held with the 101st Association and their 64th Annual Reunion.
April 16, 2009:  Don Inez just sent in a email and he said he would plan to attend the D101Hawks mini reunion that is being held at the same time as the reunion for the www.vhcma.org in Reno, Nevada June 17-20.

April 13, 2009:  Just completed another monthly Hawk group email as a reminder to those Hawks who are planning on attending one or "both" 2009 Reunions. Those attending the Reno Reunion should be contacting the VHCMA at their website for any news concerning the Reno Reunion, site address is: 
www.vhcma.org     Those planning on attending the Hampton Reunon have a little more time but should visit the 101st Association site at www.screamingeagle.org for any news or changes to their schedule.
March 31, 2009:  Bob "Claymore" Clemo sent in a email and said he would be attending the "Western" D101Hawks 2009 Reunion in Reno, Nevada that is being held with the VHCMA Reno Reunion during the week of June 17-20.  Be sure and check out the Photo Gallery for pictures that Bob  "Claymore" sent in for posting.
March 16, 2009:  Just received a email from Doug Lovelace Hawk 18 who served back in the 1971 time frame.  Doug said that he would be attending the "Eastern" Sep 9-13 Reunion in Hampton, VA and that it would be great to run into some other Hawks there.  This is being held at the same time as the 64th Annual Reunion that the 101st Association is holding be sure and visit their website at www.screamingeagle.org.

March 10, 2009:   Received a email from Hawk Gary Riley who was one of the first Hawks back in 1968 and crewed one of the UH-1 gunships.  Gary attended the 2008 D101Hawks Reunion in Reno and Gary has said he will be there again this year looking for D101Hawks at the VHCMA Reno Reunion.
March 09, 2009:  I just completed another Hawk group mailing concerning the 2009 Reunions so be sure and email back and let me know which Reunion or both that you will plan on attending and I will post your name on this page so other Hawks can find out who will be attending.
February 16, 2009:  Got a email from Hawk SGT Hughie Slane who was a Flight Line Supervisor with the Hawks in 1968, 1969 and 1970 and he will be attending the Reno, NV D101Hawks Reunion in JuneHughie is getting some of his Hawk pictures ready to be posted on the site soon.
February 15, 2009:  Received a email recently from Captain John Martinez or Hawk 18 from the 1969 to 1970 time frame and he will be attending the Hampton, VA D101Hawks Reunion in September, be sure and check the site photo gallery for his pictures that I posted in 2007.
February 11, 2009:   Hawk 6 from June 1969 till Dec 1969 has recently emailed and said he would try and make the East Coast D101Hawks Reunion in Hampton, Virginia during September 9-13, 2009.  Hawks from that time frame will remember Hawk 6 as Major Eugene Grayson, a great commanding officer.
February 10, 2009:  Just received word that Hawk Donald Weidlick will be attending the Hampton, Virginia  D101Hawks reunion, Don Weidlick served in the 1969-1970 time frame.  Don said that he had a great time at the 2008 D101Hawks reunion and enjoying meeting the Hawks he did not know and was looking forward to seeing them again and meeting more Hawks.
February 09, 2009:  Just recently send out a email to about 51 Hawks and Bill Aldrich was the first to reply and he said that he would be in Reno during the June West Coast D101Hawks Reunion that will be with the VHCMA.  Previously Ben Bright  our point man on the Planning Comittee has said he would be there at Reno along with Bill Aldrich and the VHCMA and they are hoping for a big D101Hawk turn out. Ben Bright has also said that he would be at the Viginia reunion in September with the 101st Association and he will be looking for all East Coast Hawks to be there. 
January 24, 2009:  Reno News:  Ben Bright, our point man on the Planning Committee has spoken with the Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association (VHCMA) and they said that the D101Hawks can have a mini-reunion with them in Reno.  There will be a registration fee with the VHCMA which will be a pass for the Hospitality Room and that is where the D101Hawks will meet.  Information will be on their site www.vhcma.org in late January so all we have to do is get the news out to the Hawks who are interested in the D101Hawks West Coast Reunion June 17-20, 2009 in Reno, Nevada.


January 24, 2009:  Hampton News:  Ben Bright also has found out some information about the 64th Annual Reunion that the 101st Association will be having in Hampton, Virginia during September 9-13, 2009.  Information will be on their site at www.screamingeagle.org, each person will have to register with the 101st Association in order to have access to the Hospitality Room where the D101Hawks will meet.  Spread the news to the Hawks who may be interested in the D101Hawks East Coast Reunion, one Hawk has already said that he would be attending both.



January 22, 2009:  Some early information concerning the 2009 D101Hawks Reunion is that the Hawk Planning Committee is working toward the goal of having a West coast reunion around June in Reno and then a East coast reunion around September in Virginia.  By having the D101Hawks reunion this way it may help ease some of the travel problems associated with reunions, and of course we are hoping for big turn outs at both sites.


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